Policies & Procedures

Board of Directors

The voting members of the Board of Directors shall consist of the following: President, Vice President, Immediate Past President, Secretary Treasurer, one Representative from each Region as set forth in the By-Laws of the Association and all serving committee chairs.


In addition to the charges set forth in the By-Laws, the duties of the President are as follows:

1.       Preside over all meetings of the Board of Directors and/or General Membership

2.       Select Board Members to serve on the Executive Committee

3.       Review existing Committees; determine if the work of the committees requires their continued existence

4.       Form Committees and appoint members as needed

5.       Present the Officers and Committee Chairs to the Membership at the General Session

6.       Act as a Public Relations/Goodwill Ambassador for the Association or appoint a designee to act for them at appropriate meetings, conferences or other functions where it is in the interest of the Association to be represented

7.       Appoint members to fill vacancies on the Board of Directors and select Committee Chairs     

Vice President

The duties of the Vice President shall be:

1.       Preside over meetings of the board of directors and/or the General Membership in the absence of the President

2.       Empowered with the office of the President when the President is absent; reports to the President

3.       Serve as President for the balance of the term in the event the position is vacated

4.       Facilitate and monitor Strategic Plan

5.       Serve on the Executive Committee

6.       Monitor the Committees and report to the President


The duties of the Secretary Treasurers are as follows:

1.       Responsible for recording and accounting of all financial transactions of the Association, its accounts, liabilities and financial condition and see that all expenditures are duly authorized and are evidenced by proper receipts and vouchers.

2.       Generally have supervision of the finances of the Association. Keep the usual accounting records of the association, according to standard accounting practices.

3.       The Secretary/Treasurer also shall make a full report of the financial condition of the Association as may be required by the Board of Directors or by the laws of the State.

4.  Keep a complete and permanent record of all proceedings of the Board of Directors. 

5.  The Secretary/Treasurer works with the office coordinator on all financial and budgetary business.  See 5005 for Office Coordinator job duties.

Term of Office for Board Officers

The term of office for the President, Vice President and Secretary Treasurer shall be for one year with the option of serving consecutive terms if reelected.

Regional Representatives

The duties of the Representatives from each Regional organization shall be:

1.       Serve as a voting member of the Board of Directors.

2.       Attend all board meetings and report on Regional activities. If the Representative is unable to attend a regularly scheduled Board meeting, the Representative shall submit a written report of activities to the President to present to the Board at that meeting.

3.       Arrange and hold regional meetings at discretion of regional membership.

4.       Seek new membership at the local level.

5.       Seek nominations for Officers of the Board of Directors.

6.       May be asked to serve on the Executive Committee.

Term of Office for Regional Representatives        

The terms of the representatives for Regional Areas shall be for two years and staggered so that, as nearly as may be, the terms of one-half shall expire each year.


Nominations are opened at the April board meeting and are closed at the board meeting prior to the conference.  The officers shall be elected at the Annual Meeting and shall take office at the last general session of that meeting.  They shall hold their office for one year or until their successors are elected and installed. Elections for these offices shall be conducted by absentee ballot and by written ballot from Active members of good standing at the Annual Meeting. Absentee ballots must be requested by eligible voting members and submitted to the Elections chair one month prior to the Annual Meeting.  Absentee ballots must be returned to the Membership chair no later than the Monday before the Annual Meeting.   Ballots will be counted and results will be presented to the membership. A majority ballot will elect to office in each case. In case of a tie vote, balloting among Active members will proceed until a decision is reached. 


Nominations for Founder Award and Honorary membership shall come from the general membership and be submitted by the Regional Chairs to the Board of Directors.  Candidates’ information must be submitted to the President prior to the last board meeting prior to the conference.

Campaigning (Elective Office)

Campaigning will be limited to a single page, incorporated into the WAMOA journal to the membership at large.  The information will be provided by the candidate for office, reviewed by the Elections Chairperson/Committee for content, and formatted by publications.


Committee Chair Responsibilities


To promote, review and record memberships.

By-Laws and Policies & Procedures:

To maintain the By-Laws, maintain Policy and Procedures and to monitor and advise the Board of Directors on matters of interpretation. 

Nominations and Elections:

To conduct the nomination and election of the President, Vice President, and Secretary/Treasurer.  To review information provided by candidates to be used for campaigning purposes, to determine ethical content and accuracy.              

Certification:  Review applications and determine if requirements are met

Compliance:  Update the board on compliance issues affecting schools


To hold an Annual Conference for the purpose of educational training, professional networking and generating annual operating capital.                        

Educational Partners:  Act as liaison for educational partners to the board


To keep members informed of current legislative processes.  To encourage and assist legislation in conjunction with other educational associations.

Professional Development:

To function as the organizer of WAMOA Leadership Seminar to serve the WAMOA membership.  With the goal of upgrading the skills and knowledge of our membership

Programs:  Administers sponsorships and scholarships


To disseminate information to members.  To ensure cohesiveness in promoting WAMOA as a professional organization in the publication.  To format layout of information to ensure distribution to WAMOA members with each publication.

Legislative Committee Functions

The functions of the Legislative Committee are in two areas of interest:

1. Initiating legislation; and,

2. Disseminating information important to WAMOA.

Initiation of legislation:

The committee shall not directly initiate legislation on its own. WAMOA will, however, sponsor memberships for a member of its own Legislative Committee to other professional associations.  (Ref.:  5010).  The WAMOA member serving on the OSPI Technical Advisory Board shall also act as a contact between that board and the WAMOA Legislative Committee.  It is through these contacts that legislation can be initiated and supported.

Information Dissemination:

The legislative Committee should provide, prior to a legislative session, a list of bills being considered.  A “do support” or “don’t support” should be provided on bills that appear to be beneficial to WAMOA membership or supportive of the work engaged in by the majority of WAMOA members. This information should be sent to all Board members, along with a listing of representatives and senators.  Periodically, a legislative update would be sent to Board members for the purpose of updating their members.  When immediate support for a piece of legislation is required, correspondence will be implemented. Such correspondence will consist of board members and legislative committee members.

Professional Development Committee Functions

All workshops sponsored by WAMOA throughout the state will be cleared through the Professional Development Committee.  A WAMOA workshop is defined as:

1.  A workshop for which an attendance fee is charged and/or

2.  A workshop for which the sponsoring Regional Chapter must look beyond their local budget to the state for funding and/or

3.  A workshop which is advertised as a WAMOA function.


A budget shall be established and administered by the Chairperson, utilizing the moneys generated from training seminars, and it is intended that the Professional Development committee’s operations will be self-supported through income generated from training seminar fees.

Nominations and Elections Committee Functions

A committee on nominations and elections shall be formed annually for the purpose of developing one or more slates of candidates for the offices of President, Vice President, and Secretary/Treasurer. Nominations shall be declared open by the Nominations and Elections committee chair as of the April meeting of the WAMOA Board and declared closed in the course of business at the board meeting prior to the conference. 

The Nominations and Elections Committee shall present to all Active members a list of nominees.

The committee shall review information, provided by candidates for campaigning purposes, to determine ethical content and accuracy. The     information will then be forwarded to Publications upon approval for formatting and distribution to the membership at large.

Vacancies in the Offices of President, Vice Pres. and Secretary/Treasurer

Nominees shall possess the following minimum qualifications:

1.       Be a WAMOA Active Member in good standing.

2.       Have served at least one full term or currently be serving as a Board member or Committee Chairperson.

3.       The President, Vice President and Secretary Treasurer, if he/she elects, may run more than one consecutive year. 


 In the event of resignations of an officer, the President will contact the Nominations and Elections Committee chairperson to have the committee provide a list to fill the unexpired term on an interim basis until the next scheduled Board meeting.  (Ref By-Laws Article XI, Section D)



                        The dues for members are:

                        Active Members:                                             As set by Board of Directors

                        Educational Associate Members:                    As set by Board of Directors

                        Non-Educational Associate Members:           As set by Board of Directors

                        Educational Partner Members:                        As set by Board of Directors

                        Honorary Members:                                        None - or as set by Board

                        Retired Members:                                            None - conference fee set by Board

Definition of Membership

A WAMOA MEMBER IS: That person who has program management level authority and/or responsibility for one or more M & O programs in an educational facility within the State of Washington. (Includes construction programs.)

 Program Management Level Authority and/or Responsibility definition:

1.   Administrative Oversight of the Program(s).

2.   Budget Authority.

3.   Exempt from Fair Labor Management Rules.

Active Membership

Persons regularly employed in a position of program management level authority and/or responsibility for maintenance (including grounds), operations, and facilities in an educational institution. This is a voting membership which is non-transferable and in-state employment is required.

 Associate Membership

A.  Educational Associate Members

Those persons regularly employed in the field of maintenance, operations, and facility programs related to an educational institution, but do not meet the definition of an Active Member. This is a non-voting membership which is non-transferable and state residency is not required. Subject to Fair Labor Management Rules.                               

B.  Non-Educational Associate Members

Those persons regularly employed in a position of administrative, managerial, or supervisory responsibility in the field of maintenance, operations, and facility programs not related to an educational institution. This is a non-voting membership which is non-transferable and state residency is not required.

C.  Educational Partner Member

Supplier, contractor representative, or other agency or association who offers or provides membership, products, goods or ‘services for a fee' to maintenance and operations departments in educational institutions. This is a non-voting membership which is non-transferable and state residency is not required.

D.  Honorary Member

Honorary members shall be those persons who have rendered distinguished service to this Association. Honorary non-voting membership may be extended to any person who the Association shall elect to honor by majority vote of those members present at a regular or special meeting of the Board of Directors.

E.   Retired Member

Former Active members who are retired.  Active members in good standing may retain a non-voting membership in the Association upon retirement.

F.   Founder Award

 Founder Award shall be a member in good standing, must have shown unselfish and dedicated commitment to WAMOA. (refer to the founders award qualifications, see forms)

Application for Membership

Application for membership shall be made by use of a form of the Association signed by the applicant and accompanied by payment of one year’s dues.

Suspension or Expulsion

The membership of any member may be terminated for cause.

Notice of a meeting called for the purpose of suspension or expulsion shall be given by the Board of Directors to the person in question at least twenty (20) days before the date of the next Board of Directors meeting and shall be in writing.

Suspension or expulsion shall be voted by a majority vote of the Board of Directors present at the meeting called for such purpose.  Such a vote may be taken only provided that in addition to the recommendation of the By-Laws and Ethics Committee, that a statement of said charged shall be mailed by certified mail to the member charged at his/her last recorded     address at least fifteen (15) days before final action is to be taken thereon.  This statement shall be accompanied by a notice of the time and place when the Board of Directors is to take action, and the member shall be given an opportunity, if he/she wishes, to present a defense in person before the Board of Directors prior to the taking of said vote. (See By-Laws Article VIII, Section E)


M&O Educational Associate Members, Non-Educational Associate Members, Educational Partner Members, Honorary Members and Retired Members shall be entitled to all privileges of Active Members except the right to vote, unless an appointed member of the board or hold elective office in the Association.


Office Coordinator

Provide overall coordination of the organization including fiscal and budgetary management.  Serve as the coordinator of the association, overseeing all day-to-day routine work activities of the organization.  Oversee the receipt and processing of membership applications and maintain master membership files. Full responsibilities are described in the job description.

Professional Association Membership Sponsored by WAMOA

WAMOA may sponsor a membership in professional association(s) and said members shall serve on the respective Legislative Committees with the primary responsibility of keeping WAMOA informed on pertinent legislative appointment and authorize payment if the WAMOA member appointed is not already a member of said professional association.

Membership / Educational Partner Mailing Lists

It is the policy of WAMOA that membership / Educational Partner mailing lists will be provided to current Active members only.

Dissemination of Annual Budget

The annual budget as approved by the Board of Directors shall be disseminated to those members in good standing at their request.

Open Books and Accounts

Books and accounts of WAMOA shall be open at all times during regular meeting hours to the inspection of any member of WAMOA.


The Association shall not endorse nor oppose candidates for public office, either partisan or non-partisan; nor shall it take a position on political issues unless they affect the operation or support of public schools.

The Association shall not endorse products or services of private companies.  The Board of Directors may, however, instruct staff to advise Association members of the availability of products or services which it deems to be beneficial to the educational institutions of the state.

Publication Distribution

Single copies of Association publications may be distributed without charge to School Board members, local school district Superintendents and Business Managers, intermediate school district Superintendents, Office of State Superintendent of Public Instruction staff, Legislators, Presidents and individuals and organizations.  All others shall be charged at rates established by the Board of Directors.

The president may, at his/her discretion, and with the approval of the Board, distribute the materials, publications or research of other organizations when such are consistent with policies adopted by the Association.


Operating Capital

All financial sources, membership dues, work shops, conferences, etc. generated by this organization shall become the capital for the operating budget.

Annual Budget

Officers, Representatives of Regional Chapters and Committee Chairs shall submit a yearly estimated budget to the Secretary/Treasurer by December of each year for board approval.  Yearly budget will be submitted by the President and Secretary for the December Board meeting.  Officers, Representatives of Regional Chapters and Committee Chairs shall be primarily responsible for the administration of their approved operating budget.

Per Diem

Officers, Representatives of Regional Chapters and Committee Chairpersons and any of the membership at large so authorized by the By-Laws and Ethics, Presidential or Board action, shall be reimbursed for room expenses at a hotel/motel’s going commercial room rate up to a maximum of $150.00 per day double occupancy, and up to a maximum of $75.00 per day for meals and refreshments. Additional expenses in excess of above rates may be approved by the Board at their discretion.  Per diem shall be paid only while the Officer or Chairperson is in the process of conducting bona fide WAMOA business.

 Automobile mileage will be paid at the rate currently allowed by the United States Internal Revenue Service.

Up-Front Funding for Regional Program Expenses

Up-front funding is generally not allowed.  The normal procedure for program presentations, billing and subsequent payment is to be followed as a general rule.

A Regional Representative’s request for a check for a program in advance of its actual presentation may be allowed however, under certain circumstances, i.e. 

1.   The presenter requires such a procedure, 

2.   The Regional Representative makes the request a reasonable time in advance for the Treasurer to be able to respond in a timely manner, 

3.   The check be sent to the Regional Representative for disbursement to the program presenter upon satisfactory performance, 

4.   The Regional Representative immediately receive a formal legitimate billing at the time the check is disbursed, and that he/she in turn sign such bill, noting the check number issued in payment on the face of the bill, and 

5.   The bill is sent immediately to the Treasurer.

Investment of WAMOA Funds

Statement of Purpose:

1.       To insure that the investment of WAMOA funds is done in a safe and secure manner without any unnecessary risk.

2.       To provide adequate liquidity, make no investment longer than three months.

3.       Market specification shall be avoided.

4.       Safety of principal and interest shall prevail over yield in all investment fund performance and status.


1.       It shall be the policy of WAMOA to minimize risk to the greatest extent possible by investing WAMOA funds only in investments insured by FDIC or NCUA.

2.       No personal gain may be realized investments or expenditures.

3.       An amount of money from the WAMOA general fund shall be set aside in the event financial liability for the fall conference is incurred.  (Ref. 8020)


The Secretary / Treasurer shall assure that all expenditures are duly authorized and are evidenced by proper receipts and vouchers.  Board Officers, Representatives of Regional Chapters, Committee Chairs and members authorized by the Board may authorize payment.  Authorization by those primarily responsible for their operating budget is preferred.  An Officer of the Board may sign in their absence.

The John Helmlinger Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Scholarship shall receive priority funding “In Perpetuity”, or until such time as the WAMOA organization is dissolved.  Programs Chair shall administer.


Membership Year

The membership year to be from the date of beginning of the Annual Fall Conference until the next Annual Fall Conference.

Associations with Other State and National School Facility Administrators

It is in the interest of WAMOA to meet with other school Maintenance and Operations Administrators, to foster the advancement of School Facilities.


Money Awards and Door Prizes

It is the policy of WAMOA not to sponsor money awards and door prizes.  Vendors who wish to give away merchandise via drawings at their booths are not affected by this policy.

Conference Fund

A conference reserve fund shall be carried over from the general fund each year as a line item in the WAMOA budget equal to the expenses of the conference the previous year. This is to insure the ability to fund the annual fall conference. The amount shall be reviewed occasionally by the board and be adjusted as needed. 

Conference Site Selection

The Conference Committee shall select  within the State of Washington a  location for the annual fall conference and make appropriate recommendations to the Board of Directors, who will then make the final decision Site location will be reviewed periodically. 

Annual Meeting

In the Policies and Procedures, “Annual Meeting” shall be understood to be the same as “Annual Fall Conference”.

There shall be an annual Meeting of this Association to be held at such time and place as may be designated by the Board of Directors.  The Annual Meeting shall be a general assembly of the Association members for the purpose of conveying information and conducting Association elections and other business.

·         Every Active member in good standing in attendance shall have one vote at the general assembly.

·         Matters affecting the Association shall be voted upon at the general assemblies at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

·         A copy of the proceedings or a summary thereof of meetings of the Association shall be published on the official newsletter of the Association or distributed to the members.

Exhibitor Booths

Each exhibitor booth must be purchased before the Fall Conference which includes one Educational Partner Membership.

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