The WAMOA Board of Directors in concert with our Educational Partner Representative and Committee are pleased to announce our WAMOA Partners Program for 2021.

WAMOA has worked in concert with the Education Partners Committee to develop and make available greater levels of involvement with our association.  Much discussion took place in the development of this program and great care was taken to ensure the Platinum and Gold Partners Program would provide outstanding value to our Educational Partners as well as generate funding for new and enhanced opportunities for all members. We at WAMOA want to thank all the friends and partners who have supported our association in the past. Without you, WAMOA would not be the outstanding professional organization that it is today.

Now, in addition to the traditional Educational Partner membership and trade show exhibitor opportunities we've always had available, this Platinum and Gold Partners Program offers two additional categories of involvement with WAMOA.  Both of these levels of commitment provide opportunities for partnering with WAMOA that were not available prior to this program.

It is very important that our Educational Partner Members know that none of us at WAMOA want in any way to diminish our appreciation for the on-going support we've been fortunate to receive from our members, partners, and sponsors.  We also want you to know that none of the existing opportunities for involvement with WAMOA are being eliminated by this program.  However, after receiving a number of inquiries from folks like yourselves, and upon learning of the mutual benefit members and partners of other state and national associations have achieved through similar programs; we felt it was time for WAMOA to develop and make available new levels of commitment for those who might be compelled to take that next step to Platinum or Gold Partnership.  We hope you'll take a few moments to review the attached information and give thoughtful consideration to whether these new opportunities might be right for you or your company.

Regardless of whether or not you are inclined to become a Platinum or Gold Partner of WAMOA, we hope you will remain an Educational Partner, a welcome participant and exhibitor at our Annual Fall Conference & Trade Show, and a valued friend of WAMOA!

Thank you as always for your continued support and friendship

The WAMOA Board of Directors

Become a Partner:

WAMOA Partners Program Application
WAMOA Partnership Program  
WAMOA Advertising Rate Sheet

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