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  • Taking Control of Your Budget During Covid: Data-Driven Strategies for Maximizing Your Facility Spending - Bluefin

Taking Control of Your Budget During Covid: Data-Driven Strategies for Maximizing Your Facility Spending - Bluefin

  • 22 Sep 2020
  • 9:00 AM - 9:30 AM
  • Zoom online

With the kids at home and teachers in front of web cams, your remaining 2021 budget may be constrained by spending deadlines or even slashed by the state. How are you going to make the most of what remains? And how will you do it before you lose it?
Then, when your students do head back to the classroom, how will you keep up with cleaning and sanitizing while ensuring your facilities aren’t deteriorating faster on the outside?
BLUEFIN specializes in prioritizing projects within roof and pavement maintenance and repair plans for large organizations including school districts and city governments. We dive deep into your data, weighing the work you need done with the budget you have, helping you catch up on some preventive maintenance needed on the outside of your facilities, and build a plan that ensures your roofs and pavement are getting the right work done, at the right time, for the best value possible.
Join us and learn how you can make the most of your budget, however big:
1. Target and execute the most effective repairs in both the short and long term, saving big projects for when funding is healthier
2. Proactively identify rehabilitations that can extend the life of your roofs and pavement at a nominal cost vs. a break/fix strategy
3. Capitalize on empty classrooms to perform roof and pavement assessments so you can build a better plan going forward
4. Evaluate your facilities’ roofs and pavement while also cleaning and fixing small repair items
5. Plan projects at the best time of year before the kids are back or the bond period is over to ensure optimal contractor pricing
6. Engage your contractors and materials suppliers in a Reverse Auction and know that you’re getting the best price possible

Presented by: Kyle Shane, Bluefin, Client Success Regional Manager

kshane@bluefinllc.com    |   T: 360 764 8001    |   M: 303 547 6926

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