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Denise Ryan helps light the fires of enthusiasm so people can do great things.  She is an author, an MBA and a CSP (Certified Speaking Professional), a designation of excellence held by less than 10% of professional speakers. 

Her programs have been heard by audiences around the country – ranging from school business officials to electric linemen and County Sheriffs.  She has worked with leaders at several school systems as well as IBM, the National Home Builders Association, and the Department of Homeland Security.

She recently made Meeting & Convention Magazine’s list of planners’ favorite speakers alongside Bill Clinton, Condoleezza Rice, and Anderson Cooper. 

March 24-25, 2022 enzian inn, leavenworth

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Day One - Setting Your Followers on Fire!

In the tightest labor market in decades, keeping the people you have is vital.  This segment opens with a discussion of the traits great leaders possess.  Then we'll move on to the common mistakes that leaders make (micromanaging, failing to define expectations, criticizing rather than coaching and more) and how to avoid them.  We'll then discuss what really motivates people (no more Maslow's Hierarchy - we'll review something better!).  If you want to get more from your employees, if you want to raise morale (without raising pay), or if you want to hang on to your top talent, you won't want to miss this!

Day Two - Survival Skills for Leaders

This day starts with communication -- if you can't communicate, you can't lead!  So we'll start with:  How to Communicate with Everyone Who is Not You:

Life would be so easy if everyone we interacted with was just like us.  They would understand our cryptic e-mail messages, forgive our bizarre text messages, and understand why we unfriended them on Facebook.  There would be no hard feelings, no conflict, and clearly, world peace.  Unfortunately, no one else is exactly like you and to succeed as a leader, you have to work with the crazy, the angry, the silly, and yes, even the smarter and more articulate.  This session will help!  You will learn about barriers to communication and how to remove them.  You'll take a communication styles quiz and find out just how different a large portion of the world really is and how to work with them.

Then we'll move to more survival skills.  If you aren't delegating and coaching, you are not leading.  These are two of the most difficult leadership skills to develop and two of the most important.  This segment will help you with those as well as how to hold an effective meeting.  This is how real teams are built, by leaders who know how to communicate, delegate, motivate and coach effectively.

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