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Leadership Seminar

March 23 & 24, 2023 

Icicle Village Resort, leavenworth


"Impactful Leadership & Culture Shift Strategies for Success"

We are operating in a different workplace than ever before.  People don't want to work, leaders are burnt out, and employees are leaving in droves.  Today's leaders need up-to-date strategies to keep employees happy, make people feel valued, create work-life balance, and inspire employee longevity.

Betsy Allen-Manning's interactive sessions provide insight into how to attract and retain talent, how to create a sense of purpose beyond the paycheck, and how to sustain growth by preparing staff for future leadership roles.  Learn how to help secure a "future-ready" workforce, and built a team with strong character and values.

Learn to build an engaging culture where people enjoy their work, unite around a mission, and become loyal to their organization.

Bottom line.....A culture shift doesn't happen by accident.  It happens when you provide 6 Critical Employee Experiences.

Join us in Leavenworth.  Walk away with a game plan to succeed.

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